2020 Watercraft Steward Program – Now Recruiting!

The Finger Lakes Institute at Hobart and William Smith Colleges is accepting applications for the 2020 Finger Lakes Watercraft Steward Program. Under the supervision of Finger Lakes Institute staff, Watercraft Stewards will offer watercraft inspections to boaters at public launches and provide boaters with information about aquatic invasive species. Inspections involve a visual scan of a watercraft, removing organic material from boats and trailers, and identifying aquatic invasive species. Daily data is collected from these interactions and reported electronically to a state-wide database.

Watercraft Stewards will also be responsible for public outreach and education about slowing and preventing the spread of aquatic invasive species. At their home launches and at various events throughout the season, Watercraft Stewards will have educational and promotional materials to hand out to the public and raise awareness in their community.

This is a great chance for anyone looking for summer employment right on the shores of the Finger Lakes and Lake Ontario. We offer paid training in invasive species identification and public interactions before the season starts, and continuing education throughout the season. This is a great entry level position for budding environmental scientists and conservationists. Being a steward also offers excellent opportunities to build skills important for any field of work including public speaking, communication, accountability, confidence building and so much more.

If you like interacting with people and educating them about environmental and water quality issues, and would enjoy spending your summer outdoors with a beautiful aquatic backdrop, then this job is perfect for you! If you want to help protect the Finger Lakes, this is a fantastic opportunity to get paid to do so.

The steward season runs from May 19th to October 31st, and applicants must be willing to work holidays and weekends. Typical steward appointments end around Labor Day weekend, coinciding with college classes beginning across the state and county. This position offers up to 40 hours per week at $13.00 per hour. Application will be accpted until the positions are filled, but please submit a resume and cover letter to the FLI by March 31st to ensure your ideal location is available. We have a number of launches throughout the region (see map below), so please state your preferred location or general area of interest in your cover letter.

The FLI is currently hiring for steward positions at 17 boat launches across the Finger Lakes Region. Due to the wide geographic range appointments, we are calling for applications from all over central and western NY – Rochester, Ithaca, Syracuse, Auburn and anywhere in between!

For more information, or if you have any questions please contact Program Manager Sam Beck-Andersen at beck-andersen@hws.edu

For a full job description, and to apply click the following link: https://apply.interfolio.com/61008

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