WSP Featured in Democrat and Chronicle

The Finger Lakes Institute Watercraft Steward Program was recently featured in the Democrat and Chronicle; on the front page! The July 4th, 2012 article by Steve Orr highlighted many aspects of our invasive species monitoring program by describing a typical boat inspection, introducing a few of the stewards and their locations, and interviewing an actual boater.

In addition to outlining the Watercraft Steward Program, Orr’s article provided an update on the current hydrilla battle in the Cayuga Inlet at the South end of Cayuga Lake. In late June, an herbicide treatment was applied to the hydrilla in hopes of controlling its spread and eventually eradicating it from the lake. The success of the treatment cannot be determined anytime soon and will likely need to be repeated.

The Finger Lakes Institute was thrilled to be given the newspaper’s spotlight for a day, because the more people that know what the stewards are trying to do, the better. If people understand who the stewards are and that what they are doing is a good thing, then their job of protecting the lakes becomes that much easier.

Read the Full Article  at

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