Invasives Making Headlines

The Finger Lakes Institute’s Watercraft Steward Program is just the beginning of what the Finger Lakes Times May 29 (pg. 5A) article describes as “a comprehensive, multi-year strategy to combat the plant’s [hydrilla’s] presence.”

The spread of hydrilla, as well as other aquatic invasive species, is an issue that everyone has a stake in; environmentalist or not. Not only does the spread of these plants and animals upset the balance of an invaluable ecosystem, it also inhibits recreational lake uses and costs millions annually to control if not eradicated or controlled early on.

Programs like the Finger Lakes Institute Watercraft Steward Program can greatly aid in the fight against aquatic invasive species both by ensuring that boats are not transferring potentially harmful species from one lake to another and by generating awareness surrounding the issue. Finger Lakes and Great Lakes monitoring programs are funded by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative. However, the wait for this funding has been long and as a result, problematic for lake users, the ecosystem, and the economy.

Take a look at this Finger Lakes Times article by David L. Shaw detailing Senator Charles Schumer’s role in the fight for this crucial federal funding. Read the entire article.

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  1. Louis J. Salato says:

    I am familiar with the extreme danger that is possible if the Hydrilla is not erradicated at the south end of cayuga lake and aware of the treatment that is being tried to possibly eliminate the problem. I am curious as to the just how much of the lake could be affected by the herbicide being used..Being a cottage owner at the north end of cayuga lake i would like to know what if any plans there are to rid the weed growth(mainly the Eurasian Milfoil) there as well..As of this past weekend, the extreme north end is literally choked off by the surging growth..I even seen large crafts and the county sheriff boat having trouble even within the canal..When the growth at the top of the water gets wrapped around a propeller it cannot be removed without cutting it off.

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