Give it a Pull!

In addition to the Finger Lakes Institute Watercraft Steward Program, there are other types of invasive species control programs that are currently generating an important venue for more widespread management. A nearby example is Montezuma’s MARSH program. The best part of MARSH, the Montezuma Alliance for the Restoration of Species and Habitats, is that anyone can get involved!

The Finger Lakes Institute is a long-time supporter of the Refuge’s efforts to encourage environmental stewardship. Volunteers participated in a frogbit pull in 2010 (below).

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Located at the north end of Cayuga Lake, Montezuma National Wildlife Refuge is home to birds, mammals, reptiles, and amphibians. Maintenance of a wildlife system often involves ensuring that the native species are not threatened by non-native species, thus, the importance of invasive species management programs.

Throughout June and July 2012, MARSH is hosting a series of dates for frogbit and water chestnut pulls, and they are looking for volunteers! Frogbit and water chestnut are aquatic invasive plants which spread rapidly, but with effort, can be controlled. Help Montezuma keep its wetlands clear of aquatic invasive species by signing up for one or more of the dates listed here.

To Sign Up, Contact:                                                                  
Andrea VanBeusichem
Montezuma National Wildlife Refuge
Visitor Services Manager
3395 US Route 20
Seneca Falls, NY 13148
phone: (315) 568-5987

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